Seventeen Dream

by Look Out Houston

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Recorded during Winter 2012 at the Blockley, Philadelphia, PA.
Recorded/Mixed/Mastered by Jesse Soifer.


released January 14, 2013



all rights reserved


Look Out Houston Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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Track Name: Seventeen Dream
I was laid up and full of drugs
And you sat and held my hand
The room was still spinning
When I told you I loved you then
You started to cry and said, "Now's not the time."
But I said it again anyway
Cause I knew that I meant it and it was something I had to say
Abandoned plans for trading hands
Empty lots and construction sites
We had our ankles tangled in the silence of the night
I was forced into form and besieged by the chore
But the role it fit me well
I had my time occupied and a picture on my shelf

But the strain of these days
Puts a frame around an age
Where the lightest moments cover all of the page
So we can let ourselves stare
At only part of what was there
And ignore all the weight
That such young hearts can't bare

I was tied to the line and committed my time
I was a soldier in uniform
But I bore what I chose
And defended it to those who jumped on every sigh
The pull became great as the other waits
Those distant dorms they broke our hearts
Shaking in the hallway when the weaknesses did start
A couple of times we decorated signs
Handcuffed ourselves to a broken branch
Catered to the comfort of a photographic past
Then we abandoned the ways
Where we forced things to stay
Grew content in the silences
Now it's been three years, and I don't even know where you live


I saw this girl the other night
And she reminded me of you
I wondered how you're doing and how's the world in which you move
A seventeen dream can never stay clean
But it can stay on the back of my hand
I hope that you're happy
And you found a good man